Capital Campaign: Building a Permanent Home



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A Permanent Academic Address for Islam in America

The San Francisco Bay Area, home to 56 colleges and universities, has long been a major intellectual center in the United States. The location atop Holy Hill in Berkeley immediately places Zaytuna in the vicinity of the area's several major religious colleges.


Zaytuna's future campus neighbors the Graduate Theological Union, the largest consortium of theological colleges in the United States, and the University of California, Berkeley is also nearby. This proximity provides invaluable opportunities for academic cross pollination between the students and faculty of Zaytuna and those of the neighboring academic institutions. In this context, the future graduates of Zaytuna College will, God willing, be well prepared to step confidently into a multi-cultural, multi-religious world.


Benefits of a Multi-Religious Intercollegiate Community


  • Developing an effective interfaith approach
  • Sharing academic resources
  • Building a diverse faculty network
  • Encouraging students to study across curicula


The New Zaytuna Campus

The campus was originally designed by Walter Ratcliff Jr., who served as Berkeley’s only city architect from 1913 to 1921 and is widely considered as the San Francisco Bay Area’s greatest eclectic architect. It was built for the University Christian Church and was completed in 1939, with a two-story addition added in 1956 by Ratcliff Associates. In addition to space for a large lecture hall, library, a prayer room, a computer lab, a parking lot, and other amenities, the new Zaytuna campus also has space for 8 classrooms that can accommodate up to 25 students each.


Site Specifications


  • Lot area: 29,217 sq. ft.
  • Building area: 21,777 ft.


Brick by Brick Campaign