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4th Annual Zaytuna College Academic Conference

March 4 - 5, 2017: Call for Papers on the topic: The People’s Champ (A Scholarly Homage to Muhammad Ali).

Admissions Open House (Online Only)

Learn more about the student experience on December 7th from 5:30 pm - 7pm PST. Register here.

Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention

Come see our founders speak, learn more about Zaytuna and meet special guests at our booth. For more information, visit: risconvention.com.


Inside Zaytuna College

2016 Summer Programs

An integral part of Zaytuna’s mission is its commitment to community education through varied programs such as the annual Summer Arabic Intensive; satellite seminars across the United States; outdoor education through wilderness treks and camping; as well as the weekly Living Links classes.

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The Zaytuna Curriculum

Zaytuna's unique curriculum emphasizes key foundational texts; an in-depth examination of critical methodological issues; a command of the Arabic language; a familiarity with the most important Islamic sciences; and grounding in law, history, philosophy, science, astronomy, literature, ethics, and politics.

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