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By The Grace of God: Look what you've built!

“As American Muslims, we are all Zaytuna’s current caretakers, and we all need to ensure that Zaytuna College thrives for those to come after us.” President Hamza Yusuf
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Linking Our Community to a Living Tradition
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Employment Opportunities

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Inside Zaytuna College

Learn About Our Faculty

The core strength of Zaytuna College’s faculty is a remarkable academic diversity that spans not only disciplines but also educational approaches. It is comprised of men and women, primarily Muslims but also individuals of other faith traditions, educated in the Muslim world and in modern settings at Western institutions.

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The Zaytuna Curriculum

Zaytuna's unique curriculum emphasizes key foundational texts; an in-depth examination of critical methodological issues; a command of the Arabic language; a familiarity with the most important Islamic sciences; and grounding in law, history, philosophy, science, astronomy, literature, ethics, and politics.

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As one of the 12,000 believers sustaining Zaytuna College, you will play a small—yet significant—part in the education of American Muslim scholars. Can we count on you?

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