Winter 2013

Zaytuna at RIS: Book-signings, Guest Scholars, Daily Gift Drawings, and More!

Zaytuna College will have a major presence at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention in Toronto, Canada (December 27-29). The program brings leading Muslim leaders and thinkers for a weekend of inspiration and learning aimed at the participants' personal growth and transformation. Zaytuna shares these goals, and our booths at RIS (#'s 1309 & 1408) will, in sha Allah, reflect our commitment to them.

Join us at RIS for book-signings by Imam Zaid and Shaykh Hamza, visits by guest scholars, information about our academic programs, daily gift drawings, and much more!

An April Conference and a Summer Program

Call for Papers: Zaytuna College Conference on Islamic Higher Education

Zaytuna College's inaugural academic conference is seeking papers that examine the emerging conversation about institutions of Islamic higher education in the West with an eye toward the challenges facing the community. Learn more about possible thematic approaches to this issue and details about submitting abstracts here.

Applications Now Open for the 2014 Summer Arabic Intensive

The Summer Arabic Intensive is a residential language program in Berkeley, California, designed for students motivated by any number of reasons, such as for personal enrichment, the serious study of the Islamic tradition, or future academic study. The program incorporates classical Arabic texts and modern academic rigor within a nourishing spiritual environment. Learn more

Zaytuna Scholars Lead Religious Events

Celebrate the Mawlid with Zaytuna College

Join members of the Zaytuna College faculty and others for the Grand Mawlid conference on Saturday, January 18, in Santa Clara, California. Speakers include Zaid Shakir, Hamza Yusuf, Tahir Anwar, and Ali Ataie. Learn More

"Come and Experience a Spiritual Journey of a Lifetime"

The Summer Arabic Intensive This year's Sacred Caravan, an annual umrah trip guided by Hamza Yusuf, departs for Islam's most blessed cities later this spring (March 28 to April 9, 2014). Sign up today for this unique program designed specifically for Muslims residing in Western lands.