The Gift of Giving to Zaytuna College This Ramadan

Give Your Zakat & Sadaqah to Zaytuna This Ramadan

At the heart of our quest at Zaytuna College is a desire to introduce Islam’s rich intellectual legacy into the global conversation that today carries the great ideas of our planet. This Ramadan, we ask you to help grow America’s first Muslim liberal arts college.

We live in a world that is desperate, once again, for the wisdom stored within the Islamic tradition, wisdom that you can help unlock with your generous gifts, through your zakat and sadaqah donations, during this season of giving.



We use zakat donations only for students in need. We do not spend your zakat for the acquisition, renovation, or maintenance of our physical infrastructure. Only students who are destitute, indigent, and debtors (tuition, housing, and related costs are considered debts that the student may owe to the College) receive zakat funds that you entrust us to spend wisely.

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At Zaytuna College, as we move into our fourth academic year, at the conclusion of which we will honor our first ever graduating class, we also know that growth requires investment. This is where we apply your sadaqah donations. Join our Brick By Brick campaign and dedicate a brick in your name, or the name of your loved ones, for each gift of $1,000. Your support will be displayed permanently at the new Zaytuna campus.
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Frequently Asked Questions in Ramadan
What is Zakat (Obligatory Charity)? Who is required to pay Zakat? When is Zakat due? What kinds of things require paying Zakat on them? What is the Nisab? What is the method of giving Zakat? Am I allowed to give my Zakat to my family members? How much money must one have before they are liable to pay Zakat? Do I need to make an intention to pay Zakat? I have already paid a lot of money to charities. Does this count as my Zakat? Am I allowed to pay my Zakat early? Should I include wealth for which I have already paid Zakat in previous years? Can my spouse and I pay our Zakat jointly? Do I pay Zakat on my house and car?

Zakat on Jewelery

I only possess gold and/or silver which is equivalent to the value of the Nisab, but I do not have money; do I still need to pay Zakat? I have gold jewelery which I use; do I have to pay Zakat on this jewelery? I have my own business – how do I pay Zakat on this? I am in debt, do I still have to pay Zakat? What is Zakat al Fitr? What is the difference between Zakat al Fitr and Zakat? When should I pay Zakat al Fitr, before or after Eid prayer? What about the Zakat that I have not paid over the years?

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“You will not attain righteousness until you give of what you care for; and whatever you give, surely God knows it.”

Qur'an 3:92

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Have a question about your donations to Zaytuna? Feel free to contact our development department.

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100% Tax Deductible
Zaytuna College has a 501(c)(3) status in the United States, and all donations are tax deductible. Our Tax ID is 33-0720978.

To mail in your donation, send to:
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