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Remembering Malcolm

We invite you to join the students of Zaytuna College, along with Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Reverend Curtis Flemming and Imam Zaid Shakir, for a commemoration of the many dimensions of Malcolm X. His legacy contains multitudes, and our speakers hope to highlight three enduring themes from his life during this special event.

  • Shaykh Hamza Yusuf will discuss Malcolm's insatiable love for learning and explain why he's a critical role model for students of knowledge.
  • *Reverend Curtis Flemming will speak about Malcolm's interfaith work and offer advice about how we can carry on his tradition in today's age.
  • Imam Zaid Shakir will provide insight into Malcolm's religious experience and explore the implications of his remarkable journey through the faith.

*Reverend Curtis Fleming is from the Bay Community Fellowship Church in Oakland​.

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Event Details

  • Date & Time:
    • Thursday February, 5 2015
    • Doors Open at 6:00pm PST
    • Livestream/Program Begins at 6:30pm PST
    • Registration is required here: http://bit.ly/15PIhSM​


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