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What’s Left That’s Right?

Ethical Clarity in a Polarized World A Benefit Event for Zaytuna College in Chicago

Some of today’s most difficult and pressing questions are ethical, but as Muslims we’re often ill-equipped to answer them. While our tradition contains many profound ethical precepts, in order to address new moral problems, or even older ones in new forms, developing a methodology of ethical reasoning is urgently necessary. In an era of increasing religious, political, and economic polarization, can we then forge an ethical philosophy that speaks clearly and prophetically to a divided world?

Join Zaytuna College for a special benefit event, where we will also invite you to continue supporting the growth of America’s first Muslim liberal arts college. 


Portrait of Zaid Shakir

Zaid Shakir
Zaytuna College

Zaid Shakir is co-founder and senior faculty member of Zaytuna College and also serves on its Board of Trustees. He immersed himself in the study of Islamic Sciences with some of the top traditional Islamic scholars of our age in the Muslim world. He has authored numerous articles and has translated into English several classical Arabic literary texts. As a voice of conscience, he leaves a lasting impression; his ability to move hearts and minds enlightens people from all walks of life. Zaid Shakir has brought both sensitivity about race, poverty, and scholarly discipline to his faith-based work.

Portrait of Hamza Yusuf

Hamza Yusuf
Zaytuna College

Hamza Yusuf is president and a co-founder of Zaytuna College. A leading proponent of classical learning in Islam, he is regularly listed as "the Western world's most influential Islamic figure" in The Muslim 500, an annual global ranking issued by Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Jordan.

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