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Does Zaytuna College offer online courses? Is the Zaytuna Summer Arabic Intensive a requirement for admission into Zaytuna College? What is the student-faculty ratio? What is the Zaytuna College approach to teaching the various schools of Islamic legal thought? Will any Zaytuna College courses be taught in Arabic? Will students receive a traditional ijazah in the Islamic sciences? Will the degree or credits that students earn at Zaytuna College be accepted by other colleges or universities?

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Are students required to enroll full-time? Can Zaytuna College students apply for state and federal grants or loans? Do you have to be a Muslim to attend or teach at Zaytuna College? Does Zaytuna College accept international students? What is the Zaytuna College policy on accepting transfer credits from another college or AP credits from high school? Does Zaytuna College provide student housing?

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Are donations to Zaytuna College tax-deductible? Can I donate to a group or individual through Zaytuna? Can I update my saved credit card information and contact information online? Does Zaytuna College accept non-monetary gifts? Does Zaytuna College accept zakat? How do I know where my donation goes?

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Are my donations tax deductible? Can I cancel or change a recurring donation? Can I donate all at once instead of every month? Can I donate more than $1 a day? Can I make a donation as a gift for or in memory of someone else? Can I make a donation on the phone if I don't want to donate online? Can I make an anonymous donation? Do I need to create an account to make a recurring donation? How do I get a receipt? How much of my donation actually get spent to help Zaytuna? I’ve given donations before, why do I donate again now? If I don’t like the program, can I get my money back? Is my Card information safe and secure? What are the benefits of recurring donations? What are the benefits of using 12000 Strong? What if I forgot my login account name? What if I have a problem making a donation? What is a Giving History? What is the schedule for recurring donations? What methods of payment are accepted by 12000 Strong? Who can I call if I need help? Why can't I write a check or cash to make a donation on this site? Why did Zaytuna College develop 12000 Strong? Will I be notified when the recurring donation is made? Will Zaytuna College protect my privacy?

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