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College Life in Berkeley CA Zaytuna College is located in historic Berkeley, California, a center for American intellectual and spiritual life. Students admitted to Zaytuna College can not only take advantage of the many benefits of living in Berkeley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area—such as the long tradition of political and social justice activism, the abundant cultural attractions of Berkeley and nearby San Francisco, and the proximity to Northern California’s breathtaking coastline and lush state parks—but they will also become members of one of the most dynamic Muslim communities in America.

An Active Muslim Community

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to an active and diverse Muslim community. An estimated 300,000 to 500,000 Muslims live in the area, and there are more than 50 mosques and dozens of organizations that reflect the greater Bay Area’s characteristics of tolerance and activism. image Groups such as the SF Muslims, a collection of Muslim professionals and activists organized by an online list-serve, are committed to being part of a forward-thinking Muslim community that participates in American civic and cultural life. The Muslim Student Associations at the many Bay Area universities are among the most active in America. Students at Zaytuna College will have ample opportunity to take part in the valuable work of the Bay Area’s many civic-minded Muslim organizations.

Zaytuna in the San Francisco Bay Area

imageZaytuna itself has built a national reputation as a focal point of Muslim intellectual activity through its public events and conferences. Zaytuna is known for organizing stimulating public events that engage the Muslim community with serious Western intellectuals and activists outside of Islam who are having an impact. These events carry forward the organization’s vision of exposing people of other faiths and beliefs to Islam’s progressive intellectual tradition and to share with Muslims the important and relevant work others are doing. Zaytuna also organizes major events in the community during religious occasions, such as Eid, and other significant dates. Its scholars, Hamza Yusuf and Imam Zaid Shakir, can often be found in various mosques and community centers in the region delivering Friday khutbas and giving talks about Islam. The four years that an undergraduate student typically spends at Zaytuna College will be, God willing, an enriching and rewarding experience inside—and outside—the classroom.

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