Dr. Mahan Mirza

Email: mmirza@zaytuna.org

Dr. Mahan Mirza is the Dean of Faculty at Zaytuna College. Having studied in traditional Muslim, interfaith, and secular academic settings, he engages in the study of Islam from multiple perspectives. He has taught a range of courses over the years, including introductory Arabic, Islamic religious thought, western religious traditions, the life of the Prophet Muhammad, history of science in Islamic societies, Hadith, and the Qur’an at Yale University (summer 2005-6), California State University, Chico (2007-2009), and the University of Notre Dame (2009-2011). Mahan Mirza is also a visiting scholar at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley.

Courses: Islamic History, Rhetoric, Science, Qur'an

Selected Works and Achievements:
Assistant Editor, Princeton Encyclopedia of Islamic Political Thought, Editor-in-Chief Gerhard Bowering, Princeton University Press, October, 2012

“Al-Biruni’s Thought and Legacy,” Wiley Religion Compass, Blackwell Publishing, Vol. 5, Issue 10, October, 2011, pp. 609-623

Guest Editor and Introduction, “Contemporary American Discourses on Islam: The Politics of Representation,” Special Issue of The Muslim World. Vol. 97, No. 1, Jan 2007

PhD, Religious Studies, Yale University, 2010
MA, Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations, Hartford Seminary, 2003
One-Year Course, Qur’an Academy, Lahore, 1998
BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas, Austin, 1995