Executive Team

Hamza Yusuf President

Hamza Yusuf is president of Zaytuna College. He is an advisor to Stanford University’s Program in Islamic Studies and the Center for Islamic Studies at Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union. In addition, he serves as vice-president for the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies, which was founded and is currently presided over by Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah, one of the top jurists and masters of Islamic sciences in the world. Hamza Yusuf has been ranked as “the Western world’s most influential Islamic scholar” by The Muslim 500, edited by John Esposito and Ibrahim Kalin.

Dr. Mahan Mirza Dean of Faculty

Dr. Mahan Mirza is Dean of Faculty at Zaytuna College. Having studied in traditional Muslim, interfaith, and secular academic settings, he engages in the study of Islam from multiple perspectives. He has taught a range of courses over the years, including introductory Arabic, Islamic religious thought, western religious traditions, the life of the Prophet Muhammad, history of science in Islamic societies, Hadith, and the Qur’an at Yale University (summer 2005-6), California State University, Chico (2007-2009), and the University of Notre Dame (2009-2011). Mahan Mirza is also a visiting scholar at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley.

Dr. Colleen Keyes Dean of Student Affairs

Dr. Colleen Keyes is a scholar and administrator who joined Zaytuna College in 2013. After teaching at universities in the United States and abroad for several years, she earned tenure as a professor of English and Spanish at Tunxis Community College in Connecticut, where she also served for five years as chair of the Humanities Department. In 2001, she was appointed Dean of Academic Affairs at Tunxis, giving her oversight over the college’s degree and certificate programs, the faculty, the counseling department, and the library. Throughout her career, she has also been an active member of a number of Muslim community centers and peace and justice organizations.

Waheed Rasheed Vice President of Finance and Administration

Waheed Rasheed is a visionary leader with a passion for innovation, creativity, and driving change. He has helped guide the direction of Zaytuna College since 2012, overseeing the expansion of its campus and its administrative growth. He brings to Zaytuna extensive professional experience in strategic marketing and development for industry-leading technology companies. With a motivational management style and a commitment to change leadership, he has driven cross-functional teams and transformed work culture to generate $500 million in product lines. He has also traveled extensively and possesses a keen understanding of business culture across the world.


Board of Trustees

Dr. Hatem Bazian Berkeley, California

Dr. Hatem Bazian is a senior faculty member at Zaytuna College. He is also a senior lecturer in the Departments of Near Eastern and Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Bazian is on the board of several organizations, including the Islamic Scholarship Fund and Muslim Americans for Palestine, for which he is also the founding president.

David Coolidge New Hampshire

David Coolidge has served as the Associate University Chaplain for the Muslim Community at Brown University since July 2009. He graduated from Brown in 2001, received an MA from Princeton in Religion in 2008, and was previously employed as Adjunct Faculty at St. Francis College (Brooklyn, NY) and as the Muslim Advisor at Dartmouth College.

Adnan Durrani Stamford, Connecticut

Adnan Durrani is the CEO of American Halal Co. Inc. (owner of Saffron Road Foods) and also serves as Chair of both the Board of Visitors at Columbia University’s School of Engineering as well as of Columbia’s Entrepreneurship Advisory Board. He is also a Charter member of the American Institute of Islamic and Arabic Studies.

Dr. Suhail Obaji Memphis, Tennessee

Suhail Obaji is a co-founder of Family Cancer Center, a private medical practice with offices in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

Pervez Qureshi Pleasanton, California

Pervez Qureshi is Chairman of the Board of Trustees. He has held executive and technical roles at various technology companies, and, most recently, he served as president and CEO of Epicor Corporation.

Dr. Mubasher Rana San Ramon, California

Mubasher Rana is a physician and president of the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America.

Syed Mubeen Saifullah San Ramon, California

Syed Mubeen Saifullah is Secretary of the Board of Trustees. He is also the director of customer relations and business development at Neustar, Inc.

Dr. Feryal Salem Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Feryal Salem is Assistant Professor of Islamic Scriptures and Law, Co-Director of the Islamic Chaplaincy Program, and Director of the Imam and Muslim Community Leadership Certificate Program at the Hartford Seminary.

Zaid Shakir Oakley, California

Zaid Shakir is a senior faculty member at Zaytuna College. Known to the world as Imam Zaid, he speaks and writes on a wide range of topics and has become a voice of conscience for American Muslims as well as people of other faiths.

Dr. Aisha Subhani Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Aisha Subhani is a physician in emergency medicine and also manages the Deen Intensive and Rihla programs.

Hamza Yusuf San Ramon, California

Please see Hamza Yusuf's biography above.