Executive Team

Hamza Yusuf :  President

Hamza Yusuf is president of Zaytuna College. He is an advisor to Stanford University’s Program in Islamic Studies and the Center for Islamic Studies at Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union. In addition, he serves as vice-president for the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies, which was founded and is currently presided over by Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah, one of the top jurists and masters of Islamic sciences in the world.

Dr. Mark Damien Delp :  Dean of Faculty

Dr. Mark Damien Delp is the Dean of Faculty at Zaytuna College and a lecturer in Logic and Philosophy. After having studied continental philosophy and existentialism as an undergraduate, he pursued primarily ancient and medieval topics, especially the metaphysics of St. Thomas Aquinas and Neoplatonism, in his graduate study.