Stick and Drones May Break Our Bones, but Fitna Really Hurts us, Hamza Yousuf
Oct 06, 2012

Whenever someone calls his brother Muslim a kafir, one of them must be a kafir [either the one being accurately being called a kafir, or the one who falls into kufr, by inaccurately accusing his brother of being a kafir]." – Prophet Muhammad, God's peace and blessings be upon him. Read More

Introduction to Quranic Sciences, Dr. Mahan Mirza
Oct 01, 2012

The Quran class is magical. Now, some of you may be offended by the association of Quran and magic, but students of rhetoric will understand that it is not intended to be literal. In this work, one of the greatest scholars of Islam tells us that the Quran consists of pearls and rubies. Read More

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