Fasting During Sha’ban
Jun 24, 2013

Sha’ban is a month of good that introduces the great month of Ramadan. The Prophet, peace upon him, used to fast voluntarily during this month more so than in any other month.

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The Philosophy Class by Dr. Cindy Ausec
Mar 12, 2013

The Philosophy class is focused on class participation and discussion of Philosophical concepts and texts (although there are exams). Read More

Jurisprudential Principles By Ustadh Abdullah bin Hamid Ali
Feb 25, 2013

The semester started and by the end of the first week we still had not met for the first lesson in Islamic Jurisprudential Principles. Read More

Islamic Law I: Introduction to Hanafi Fiqh with Imam Tahir Anwar
Dec 19, 2012

This class introduces the student to the foundation of Muslim law as the basis for a life of devotion and servitude to God as envisioned in the school of Imam Abu Hanifah. Read More

Shafii Class with Dr. Rania Awwad
Dec 14, 2012

This year’s Islamic Law- Shafi’i Fiqh- class is truly unique. It just so happens that all the students are female, the instructor is female and the author and translator of the book we are studying are also female! Read More

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